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Welcome to FJ40Dash

After Market FJ40 Dash. I have been hammered by FJ40 enthusiasts to build an aftermarket Dash Pad that is tough, durable, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg compared to OEM. Here it is.


I got this review via e-mail and thought I would put it here as well!

Morning Greg,
We talked a few weeks back about your dash pad for the 40seriesLand Cruiser and I ordered one and had it sent to Panama Central America (Panama Canal). The purpose of my note is to compliment you on the best aftermarket product I have purchased from any seller !!!! The fit was perfect the color perfect and the quality is outstanding !! As you are well aware, a high percentage of aftermarket products--SUCK--this is my biggest gripe with sellers like XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX (Vendors names removed) especially the rubber type products. Your product is "by God made inAmerica" where it should be. Your company should be the "headlight" for returning theU.S. to the forefront of quality products. If you want to use this "slap-on-the-back" for anything, fell free to do so as I am very proud to own one of your products;...

Thanks Harold Robinson in PanamaCentral America

In the short future we will be putting other products on the web-site. Projects that we are currently working on are:  THE MAN CAVE CHAIR (Absolutely the most comfortable portable chair you will ever sit in!! I'm not kidding, my wife even believes me on that one, and that's saying something!!) and what ever else a six pack inspires! We are ornery (Much to my wife's displeasure) but really punish ourselves for excellence in engineering, chemistry, and manufacturing!!!

We really enjoy you visiting our website and get to meet a lot of neat people.



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