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OEM PN: 6320190304 , 6320190302, 6320190300, 6320290307, 6320290300, 6323290303, 6323290300, 74301A, 74820A


CANADA:  If your in Canada contact me prior to purchase as I will ship USPS Priority mail and it will cost a little more.  (To give you a feel for what the shipping costs would be, I did a costing for priority mail to Calgary Alberta Canada which was approximately $25 US dollars more than shipping domestic.)

These Pads screw into existing OEM holes on the FJ40's that had pads on the roll bars.  If you have a Toyota Stock Tube Bar that had pads or has the holes in it then these will fit.  I am unsure what year the pads started coming out on the Stock Tube Bar. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  Set includes 4 pads: Left and Right curved pads for upper bar, two identical pads for rear bars, 10 pan screws (Pan screws are similiar to OEM but without the washer head, if you have your old screws this will work with them as well.)

These pads are a reproduction of the original pads however they are tougher, greater tensile and tear strength as well as more abrasion resistant (Approximately 1.5 times as dense).  UV Inhibitors utilized with in-mold coating.  Textured same as our dash (The texturing on the pads doesn't look as pronounced as it is on the Dash).

Left pad is identified on backside of part as DRI.  Right pad is identified on backside as PASS.  Rear pads on backside has id as UP for which direction to put them on to match OEM orientation (Kind of like the bezel on the front of an FJ40.....You can mount these rear pads upside down as well and not be aware of it until someone points it out).

(If you have a right hand drive vehicle these still work but the DRI will be the passenger pad and the PASS will be the driver's side pad.  I'm putting this on here to avoid a bunch of e-mails asking this very question! LOL)

 Mounting instructions?  Align holes and attach.  Seriously, be very careful removing your old screws from the roll bar.  You might want to soak them with a good penetrant as if they break they usually "snap" where they go into the roll bar and now you are going to have drill it out!!!