FJ40 LOWER DASH PADS (SET) 9/72-10/82

FJ40 LOWER DASH PADS (SET) 9/72-10/82
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Reproduction Polyurethane Lower Dash Pad set for fj40 (BJ40, BJ42, & FJ4#) 9/72-10/82  Presently only sold as a set. 


Passenger side Garnish Drawing Number 55492 Garnish OEM PN 5540690300 ; 5540660010, 55492 Garnish, 55493 Garnish, 55494 Insulator. 

TEXTURE: Textured tough Polyurethane.  This has a 550 bead blast texture, it's not the same as OEM grain but simimilar.  If you click the picture up to the right, a larger image will be brought up.  If you click that image it will magnify it and you can get a feel of what the texture looks like.  Tiny textured indentions, similiar to the calf grain.

We asked everyone on what they wanted:  A set of dash pads with a pin/clip (OEM style) or if they wanted one with the inserts having a bolt that a nut could be threaded on the backside of the metal dash.  A resounding majority wanted the nut and bolt combination, as the original OEM style, the pins have a tendency to rust to the clip.  When one would attempt to remove the lower dash pieces often a torn lower dash was the result.


Seen above is the threaded inserts that fit into the OEM holes on your dash.  You will be required to pull the spring clips out before installation of this dash piece.  Insert, align, then tighten nut on backside.



 Attempting to show that the lower dash pads match the contours of the glove box as well as the lower metal dash.  It's kind of difficult with my limited picture inserting capabilities.

The set contains the lower left, center piece, and the larger lower right piece as well as all nuts and screws for attachment.

Keep in mind that when we designed and molded these, the customers polled on wanted a softer pad for their knees.  Therefore the metal strip inserts encapsulated within the Polyurethane may become slightly bent during shipping.  The pad itself is not near as rigid as the dried out 35 year old pads you are used to dealing with.  This is easily fixed by just straightening out the bend and mounting flush with your dash.  I hope that makes sense.


A Picture of a Customers Rig "GA Architect" off of showing both our upper and lower dash pads.